The Diamond Auction held in Tokyo

Diamond auctions are held regularly in Tokyo,

Regularly around 50 companies participate in such auctions. Overseas suppliers such as India or Israel occupy around 40% of them.

Some Indian jewelry and ornaments companies with high financial power have been influential. As to the amount of successful bids at the auction, it is up to one hundred million units.

Examples are given as follows.

At the diamond auction held in Taito-ku, Tokyo at the end of June,2014, the total sum of successful bids  was 410 million yen. It was an Indian jeweler who made a bid for 110 million yen. The runner up who bid 70 million yen was also representing an Indian company.
After them another Indian company representative bid 50 million yen.
It is one example that attracting Indian capital is a Japanese gold mine.
Reference:August 6, 2014  The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The auction of reprocessed diamonds from Japan was held in Hong Kong in September,
The total sum of successful bids was the highest ever at 2,400 million yen.
Reference:October 21, 2014  The Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Since many were very interested with diamonds made in Japan,auctions came to be held in not only Tokyo but Hong Kong.

In addition, interest in Japanese diamonds spreads among general consumers as well as diamond buyers.

A lot of foreign tourists came to visit the store in Okachimachi,Tokyo that was the place of Japan's biggest jewels and ornaments,.
Foreigner visitors has increase by 20% every year.

Many tourists China and Southeast Asia purchase them..

Because a jewel wholesaler runs a retail store in Okachimachi, the price is very low,
Foreign tourists know this well.

Though they are less expensive, the profits from diamond sales is still more than 1 million yen.
Expensive diamonds sell very well.

In this shop in Okachimachi, it is impossible to stock imitation diamonds.

It is one of the biggest reasons why the diamond made in Japan are highly valued. The security accompanied with such a genuine diamond is very high.

"Whom do you buy it from?" is more important than "what do you buy?".

Reduction of the Japanese market

Jewelry and ornaments retail market in Japan went down from 3,020 billion yen in 1991 to 960 billion yen in 2015.

The Japanese diamond distributors did not sell as many diamonds in the Japanese market, so it was necessary to change the business model to sell diamonds in the overseas market.

This was a chance to sell diamonds made in Japan all over the world.
The outflow of the sleeping inheritance from the bubble in the Japanese chest has just began.
Intense auction has been carried out in Tokyo and Hong Kong to obtain the inheritance from this bubble

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