Exchanging XID for Loose Diamonds

■How to Calculate the Value of 1XID
1XID=Total value of loose diamonds owned by our company ÷ the number XID being traded on the market

Example) As of December 4,2015
Total Value : 1,273,178 USD
XID Certificates : 19,126,968XID
Calculation 1,273,178 USD ÷ 19,126,968XID=0.066USD/1XID

Since the diamonds we purchase are all 0.3 carats or larger. So as an example, when exchanging XID for a 0.3 carat diamond valued at 811USD the following calculation would apply.

811USD ÷ 0.066USD=12,287XID

A 0.3 carat loose diamond valued at 811USD could be exchanged for 12,287XID.

※For more information about XID market value, the number of XID on the market and the total value of our diamonds, please visit http://xidtrade.com/

■How to Apply for an Exchange
Exchanges can be applied for online.
Exchange applications are accepted from 09:30-17:00 JST. Applications made after 17:00 will be handled next-day. ※ Applications are not accepted on Weekends or Holidays
Information Required: Name, Address, Telephone Number, Ripple Address
Once your application is finished, your diamonds will be sent out in around 5-10 business days.

■Method of Exchange
You select the diamonds that you wish to exchange for from those owned by our company.
Please note that we will not exchange our diamonds for any virtual currency other than XID.
※Each diamond is accompanied by a Certificate of Quality issued by Cyuo Hoseki Kenkyuujyo (http://www.cgl.co.jp/), AGT Gem Laboratory (http://www.agt.jp/)

There are only two types of fees.
1) Exchange Fees
2) Shipping Fees

■Payment Method
Exchange and Shipping charges will be charged in XID.

■Transaction Cancellation
Once the transaction is closed, no cancellations are possible.

■ I received the diamond, but there is a problem If there are any issues or concerns about your diamond please contact ask@xidtrade.com

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