Why is Value High in Diamonds for Jewels and Ornaments?

People everywhere know that the price of diamonds is high.

But there are few people who know the reason.

When men in particular handle diamonds for the first time, it usually means they are purchasing engagement rings. 

When we examine a diamond as an investment, it is necessary to know the assessment standard of the diamond.


As for diamonds, four qualities are assessed as a basis.
4C refers to Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat Weight are called the personality of the diamond. 4C is made by taking each initial.

The scarcity value of the diamond becomes higher by being colorless and transparent.
Colorless and transparent [D] would be the best in the class of Color. As the color becomes yellowish, the value becomes low. The class of the color is divided into 23 levels in all.

An expert checks and decides Clarity with a loupe with 10 times magnification under an appropriate source of light.
A diamond with no inclusions or wounds to disturb the passage of the light is accepted as the best class, (FL). 
Clarity is divided into 11 levels by the number of inclusion.

Cut expresses balance of the general form of the diamond and the state of the polishing finish.
Color, Clarity, Carat are formed naturally, but it is the skill of the expert cutting craftsman that gives brightness to a diamond.

The cut of the Japanese diamond is very distinguished, and it is one of the reasons why Japanese reprocessed diamonds are very attractive.

Diamonds cut in a good balance by craftsmanship supported by the latest technique and experience take in light well and let them amplify a glitter and raise the value exponentially.
The best example is a round brilliant cut.
Cut is rated by proportion (the global assessment of the cut), polish(the state of the polishing
surface)and symmetry(being symmetrical).
Rank of the grade is decided from“Excellent”Being the best.

Carat Weight
Carat is a unit of weight of the diamond.
1 carat is 0.2 grams.
Generally, it becomes more expensive as the weight increases.
The value of diamonds is not decided by carat alone.
The beauty of the diamond is judged by Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. 
These features must be balanced and superior.

In this way, each diamond includes different features and beauty by the combination of 4C.

When the grade is raised in 4C, rarity becomes higher and the price soars.

Even if diamond rings are of the same carat, differences in material and the quality of the processing greatly affect the price, sometimes more than 10 times as much.

The price shows the quality and the facet of jewel. It is decided by the value of  the diamond.

Judging a Rough Diamond

It is inclusion that is the biggest risk when it comes to purchasing a rough diamond.
In the case of a rough diamond, we can not see inside of it because the surface is clouded and coated, At first we should make a hole in the surface and observe the inside. Then we judge the influence of inclusion.

It is impossible for us to make a hole before purchasing a rough diamond.
Therefore it is difficult to judge how many inclusions there are in this kind of diamond.

Purchasing a rough diamond carries a high risk

Polishing Process

There are several kinds of cuts in a diamond.

Round brilliant cut is the highest in value.

Diamonds purchased as a security of XID (International Diamond) are all loose diamonds of round brilliant cut.
Five processes are necessary before the rough diamond becomes round brilliant cut.
5.Brilliant Tearing

It is hard for a rough diamond to become a regular octahedron.

The rough diamond includes inclusion.

We find out the position of the inclusion and then process it.
Because the value of the diamond is proportional to the square of the carats, the value becomes higher as the carat becomes bigger.

However, we may divide a rough diamond into two depending on the position of inclusion. We may make two diamonds of round brilliant cut.

If we divide it into two, the diamond becomes small and the value becomes low.

We start to examine the rough diamond from every angle because the polishing of the diamond makes the value of a diamond high .

 The Bigger a Diamond Becomes , the Higher the Value Becomes

A rough diamond with more than 10.8 carat is called +10.8 and is treated as a big diamond.

After it is polished, there is a possibility it will become a diamond of 5 carat.

Because rough diamonds over 10.8 carat only make up 1% pf the weight of all diamond produced all over the world every year, it is quite rare.

Since the polishing of diamonds more than 5carat has a big financial risk, dealers and cutters which can handle them are limited.
Big and expensive rough diamonds take a special route from buying to polishing.

Therefore the value of the diamond is proportional to the square of it’s carats.

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