Bitcoin and XID trading procedure:
The bitcoin and XID can be traded on
C-CEX is the reliable bitcoin exchange market in Europe, serving more than 80,000 customers online.
This market is being used for diversified investment by investors from all over the world because it can accept more than 140 cryptocurrencies.
All services are supported in four languages: Russian, Chinese, English and French, ensuring security even for people in non-English speaking regions.


Starting C-CEX trade is nothing but easy.

Trading procedures:
1. Create an account.
2. Deposit the bitcoin to the C-CEX Wallet from another bitcoin wallet.
3. Start trading.

Anyone already in possession of the bitcoin can create an account only by inputting his mail address, ID and password.
Those who wish to send or withdraw the bitcoin via a financial institution are required to input their name and address, and upload their passport image.
Normally U.S. dollars are deposited into C-CEX prior to the start of trade between the U.S. currency and the bitcoin. Needless to say, this is possible on C-CEX.
However, C-CEX users often prefer an easier trading method.
They transfer bitcoins from other bitcoin wallets into the C-CEX bitcoin wallet.
In this style of trading, customers are required only to input their mail address, ID and password to create an account.

Once you make a profit by dealing in the bitcoin and XID, you can transfer the bitcoin from C-CEX to your main bitcoin wallet.

No troublesome formalities are necessary. C-CEX is supported by bitcoin users all over the world because they can easily and safely trade the bitcoin and over 140 cryptocurrencies.

C-CEX trade risk:

Some of the 140 or more cryptocurrencies may not be guaranteed with any collateral at all.
Please use the utmost care when trading the bitcoin with any non-XID cryptocurrency.
Before enjoying trade, customers are advised to confirm relevant information on the source of any cryptocurrency, particularly the official certificate or auditing certificate that verifies the corporate data, and the detail and existence of collateral.
Read this PDF file for more as to how to create a C-CEX account and start trading.


How to send a bitcoin from okcoin to ccex.PDF
How to send a bitcoin from btcchina to ccex.PDF
How to send a bitcoin from huobi to ccex.PDF
How to send a bitcoin from anx to ccex.PDF

If you have XRP, you can exchange it to XID at


XID ripple address

How to set up trust.PDF

If you have XRP, you can exchange it to XID at ripplefox.


XID ripple address

Setting the gateway.PDF

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