The reason why reprocessed diamonds have high value

As to the value of diamonds for ornamental jewelry, size and transparency are very important.
The value of the diamond which is big and has high transparency is proportional to the square of the number of carats.

【Wrong Answer】
Value of 2 carat of the diamond = value of 1 carat of the diamond x 2

【Right answer】
Value of 2 carat of the diamond = value of 1 carat of diamond x value of 1 carat of diamond   

A diamond which is big and has high transparency is very precious and has a very high commercial value.
It is rare that a diamond which is large and has high transparency to be mined now.

That is why there are many reprocessed diamonds when large diamonds with high transparency are put up for auction.
The most common way to obtain a diamond having high value is to purchase a reprocessed diamond.

Japanese reprocessed diamonds, in particular, are traded at a high price because of their big size,
fine transparency and better design.

Reprocessed Diamonds are not Used Goods.

For example, when you bid on a picture of Van Gogh at auction, you do not call the painting a used painting.

It is exactly the same.

We do not say that a diamond is used.

This is common knowledge everywhere.

Precious metals with jewels attached are separate from diamonds.
The price is based on only the value of the loose diamond.
Even if the diamond is damaged, it can be returned to its original state by polishing it.
There is a long history of diamond ownership in the United States, Europe and India.

It is common for rare, large sized diamonds to be reprocessed in such countries.

In Asian countries where the history of diamonds is not as long, there is little awareness of  reprocessed diamonds.
If you examine a diamond as an investment product, it would be wise to cultivate a better understanding of reprocessed diamonds. Otherwise you will lose out on an investment opportunity.

The value of diamonds does not change whether they are new or used.

It is based on the quality and design of the loose diamond.

The judging of the quality is based on a strict assessment standard.
The assessment standard is comprised of four elements: carat, color, clarity and cut.

This is called 4C.

4C is always listed in a diamond grading report.
Naturally reprocessed diamonds have a diamond grading report.
A buyer judges a diamond and decides the price of it with his eyes and a grading report and whether it is new or old.

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